Construction manual - Parkflyer Skinny Eye Series

Push the motor mount into the carbon rod and secure it with the intended clamp. The new motor mount is similar to the tail mount.


Push the clamp for the body frame to the centre of the rod.

Repeat same process for the Skinny Eye Quad H.

Install your FPV camera and make sure that the cables are separated to avoid a bad video image.

Be sure that your system is set up correctly. I'm using a mini 4 in 1, 15A ESC with a mini F4 flight controller and a Eachine TX05 camera.

Now slip the side parts of the body frame on to the carbon rod(s) and insert the cables of the first motor.
Recommended are the Parkflyer 1400KV BL Motors.

Slip on the other frame side, lead the cables of the opposite motor through and solder them to the ESC's.

For the Skinny Eye Quad H, repeat process at the rear side.

Now screw the FC with M2 x 10 mm screws to the side of the frame and put the cam in it's place.

For the Skinny Eye Y4 put the ring on to the rear carbon rod...

... screw the rear motors to the rear motor mounts...

... lead the cables through the rod...

... carefully clip the intended clamp over the motor mounts...

... insert the screw and...

... push all, the motor mounts and clamp, onto the rod.

Solder now the remaining cable to the ESC and screw it to the other frame side.


Lock the rear carbon rod and the ring in it's place of the frame side parts.

Screw frame side parts, rear rod and front frame clamp together.

Tighten the remaining motors.

Align the camera and take your M4 x 6 mm Grub Screw and...

... screw it in the hole underneath the cam...


... to fix it.


Separate your cables and it's done!


Happy flying!



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