Construction manual - Parkflyer Interloper

Be sure that your electronics are properly assembled, soldered and working. The space between the top and bottom layer is approx. 19 mm. So your FC/PDB-Stuck should not be higher.

Install your FPV camera and make sure that the cables are separated to avoid a bad video image.

Now install your stack to the top center plate...

... and fasten the ESC's for the front motors behind the FPV cam and beneath it's cables.
Note on which side the ESC's are needed and put the cable to the relevant side.

When you added the bottom center plate, then locate it in position with two frame screws.

Repeat similar process for the rear parts. Add the upper and lower clamp plate. Fasten the ESC's, one at the top plate and one at the bottom plate.
I decided to mount the VTX somewhere I can reach it to make easily channel set-ups.


Remove the frame screws and put the side plate is place. You need to bend it a bit. Now locate it in position with two frame screws.

The two parts of the "impact guard" have to be glued together. Then put the impact guard in its place and and insert the two screws for fixing.

Go on with the other side plate and the remaining impact guards. Please note that one impact guard is destined for the FPV antenna.

Place all remaining screws in the holes provided and install the FPV antenna jack.

Insert the carbon tubes through the frame...

... measure the distances...

... and tighten them.
Repeat on the rear side.

Put the motor mounts together and push them on the carbon rod. Repeat for the remaining ones.

Now install your 6S motors of your choice.

To hook up your two 3S (2500 mAh) for 6S power, you need to solder a Y-connector. Or you solder the Y-connector straight to your PDB.